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Contact Us

Office: (281) 896-9019
Fax: (281) 725-6354
Email: [email protected]

Wendt Electric is headquartered in beautiful Katy, Texas.

We are a family owned and operated business started by Master Electrician Kevin Wendt who has more than 28 solid years of experience.

High quality results obtained from respected and respectful professionals in a timely manner is what you get from us.

As a seasoned and highly sought after Master Electrician and a conscientious member of the community, that is the only type of work and results Kevin Wendt teaches and allows.

Wendt Electric is:

  • Dedicated to your complete satisfaction
  • Always standing 100% in support of our work which is always guaranteed!
  • Knowledge regarding every aspect of your electrical project
  • Always respectful of your investment, property and time
  • Prompt
  • Courteous
  • Competitive regarding rates
  • Who people rely on to repair what the last guy “fixed”

Serving and educating residents and business owners throughout the Greater Houston and Katy areas concerning electricity and electrical needs is what we do.

Please contact us for any electrical needs, concerns or questions what-so-ever.

Call Today! Your electrical service estimate is always free and without obligation!

You can call on the phone, submit the form on this page, or click on our innovative Scheduling Desk feature on this or any page.

The work of Master Electrician Kevin Wendt and his hand-picked team of professionals have earned the reputation that Wendt Electric has in the community.

However, what our customers in the community say about has always been critical to our reputation, our success and the referral business that we have.

From Master Electrician Kevin Wendt and his family as well as our employees: “Thank you for your business, your appreciation and you kind words.”