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Master Electrician Kevin Wendt: Welcome to Wendt Electric Online!

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Kevin Wendt is a Master Electrician

Master electricians can supervise almost all other electricians working on a wiring or construction project.

They can pull permits from the electrical authority and they usually work with only one contracting company supervising the electrical wiring section. Master electricians can actually be considered as project managers for the entire electrical wiring and installation process of a building or a structure.

How Does One Become a Master Electrician?

This is actually a good time to become a master electrician.

The construction industry requires trained residential electrician professionals who can deal with the building boom. Professional residential electrician firms with a range of expertise and skills can actually find several good opportunities in the industry even at trainee level. If you are interested in becoming a master electrician, this is a good time to do so.

Master Electrician Licensing 

All 50 states require trained electrical contractor candidates to pass the written test to get their license.

There is no standardized format for the electrical contractor test and you should inquire with your state to find local licensing requirements. After completing the licensing exam, the candidate can work as a Journeyman electrician for 5 – 8 years.

This experience is necessary to continue your education and to become a master electrician.

Candidates can also choose to get an additional Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. This adds to their electrical contractor expertise and technical knowledge. By taking a degree, you are actually increasing your chances of becoming a master electrician much faster than expected.

Even after completing the course, you will have to take additional electrical contractor exams that will add to your expertise.

I hope this is informative and encouraging to those aspiring to become a master electrician.

Master Electrician Services

And, I hope this also helps homeowners and business owners understand the qualifications a master electrician has and why it can be so important to obtain the services of a master electrician.


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